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Shogun Mod 0.20

This mod is about Sengoku Period one of the biggest war in Japan
0.20.1115 (See all)

This mod is about Sengoku Period in Japan - one of the biggest civil war in this country.
So that`s all for now. Now what`s new in my mod (for now):
-all old kingdoms has been renamed to clans (clans/family: Imagawa, Hojo, Oda, Mori, Takeda, Shimazu)
-added two new factions: Monk-Fanatics and New World (Portugals and Spanish) - non-playable
-a lot of new weapons: katana, no-dachi, odachi, wakizashi, tanto, yari, naginata, nagamaki and many, many more
-new beautiful samurai and ashigaru armors and helmets (kabuto)
-sounds (More Metal Sounds Mod), music (from Shogun - Total War)
-Diplomacy Mod v3.0 (English and Polish version available)
-almost every lord`s name are changed to random Japanese name

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